ARCHEOGRAPHY III (SUSPENDED GARDENS), a performative installation conceived collaboratively with Monstah Black.

This multi-disciplinary exhibition was on view from February 21, 2009 through March 29, 2009 at SUPERFRONT’s original gallery in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  The project explored an integration between choreography and architecture, in which a design workshop and dance workshop shared responsibility for producing a performance and site-specific installation over the course of 6 weeks.

The installation and dance work began with an investigation of Le Courbusier’s early drawings of interior “free plan” space.  The site specific installation, designed and built by both architects and dancers over the course of a 6 week workshop, appropriated motifs from a set of drawings entitled “Les Jardins Suspendus.”  The architectural project investigated these perspectives of interior scenes, which feature ropes, punching bags, and landscaped indoor turf.

The choreography tested this environment through movement that included climbing, spinning, and walking up walls.  Elements of capoeira, parkour and hip hop are integrated with modern dance.  Live performances featured house dance collective Afro Mosaic Soul with performance artist and curator Monstah Black.

ARCHEOGRAPHY III (SUSPENDED GARDENS) was the third in a series of Archeography Projects at SUPERFRONT, which presented the combined work of architects and choreographers from fall 2008 through summer 2009.  To view the project’s history, please see more at superfront.


Photo by lafotographeuse


Photo collage by Sienna Shields