The Mumbai Anthropocene urban design research studio at the University of Michigan takes the geological age of Anthropocene as a call to re-imagine the terms and possibilities of housing in Mumbai.  Drawing from work in the humanities, including Subaltern Studies, post-colonial theory and recent historical work directly engaging with geology and climate, the studio explores housing strategies specific to Mumbai as a place of globality.  The usual terms of coding urban specificity –  defined within a logic of development and financing – are reviewed and set aside.  The studio considers Mumbai, firstly, as the most populous city in the most populous democracy in the world.  As such, it becomes a site to investigate — at the close scale of the inhabited urban dwelling — the potential for democratic engagement with the various crises implied by the Anthropocene.

The blog collects student research, competition entries to be submitted to UN Habitat in January 2014, as well as invited essays.

The studio included a site visit to Mumbai with an exhibition of student work at Studio X and a roundtable discussion with local designers and urban researchers.


Mumbai Anthropocene from Studio-X | GSAPP on Vimeo.