SUPERFRONT, gallery renovation, Brooklyn, NY. 650 square foot gallery renovated from office demolition. Ceilings raised, brick walls exposed, floors repaired, windows replaced.  Open plan renovation for interdisciplinary gallery, which also hosted performances and design workshops.  Renovation incorporated design and construction of custom furniture, including fold-out bar. Design-build project. 2007-2008.


L to R: Demolition of formerly partitioned office interior.  650 sq ft SUPERFRONT gallery.  R: 1 of 2 live-work studios added behind gallery.


Live/Work Artist Studios A + B fit behind the open gallery space. Two live-work studios maximize the given 350 square foot space by sharing one window. A bedroom nook occupies the upper half of a repurposed stage platform with the bed overlooking the window onto the backyard (right). Studio B tucks a bedroom above the existing bathroom and ducks under the platform to situate a desk and working area next to the same window (left) while maintaining privacy and separate egress. Spring 2009.


SUPERFRONT after renovation: Archeography IV with Movement Research Festival performance, installation designed by James Coleman of Live Architecture Network.