Mitch McEwen lectures at University of Michigan (again)

The lecture, titled “Long-run Promises” was part of the Fall 2016 lecture series on the topic of Taubman College at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Exhibition of Primate-enabled prototype at Akademie Schloss Solitude

Exhibition of Primate-enabled prototype at Akademie Schloss Solitude from McEwen Studio on Vimeo.

McEwen Studio presents “Give the Finger” a prototype of a Primate-enabled wall system for Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Architecture & exhibit opening November 21, 2013. Primate, a piece of software authored by McEwen Studio, is the first plugin to integrate Leap Motion, a hand gesture recognition device, with parametric architectural design tools. Primate has over 500 users worldwide who have downloaded the software for free.

This installation presents a working prototype of an interactive wall system. The prototype phase acts on a transparent surface to create a range of opacities and transparencies. In design terms, this constitutes a proof of concept for a mechanical model with the same properties. “Give the Finger” is installed here with “Adjacency Survey (Scan)” a sound collaboration with Bill Dietz, embedded with transducers in the [Not Luxury] disposable furniture series by McEwen Studio.


A(n) Office collective, including McEwen Studio, anonymously at Princeton School of Architecture

“Anonymous” – Session 2 (110913) from Princeton School of Architecture on Vimeo.


Mitch McEwen lectures at University of Michigan

The lecture, titled “Indecisive Bodies,” was part of the Winter 2013 lecture series on the topic of Organization at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.


Public Occupation Manifesto at Storefront for Art & Architecture

Strategies for Public Occupation: Day 1 Manifesto Series from Storefront for Art&Architecture on Vimeo.

A series of Manifestos, performances and calls for action were delivered at the opening reception showcasing a diverse array of voices and practices that addressed the question of Public Occupation from multiple varied viewpoints. Mitch McEwen at 47:30.


OCCUPY GSAPP and Mitch McEwen meet the Occupy NYC People’s Assembly

OCCUPY GSAPP and McEwen Studio meet the Occupy NYC People’s Assembly from SUPERFRONT on Vimeo.

Featuring the streetwearable table!


Mitch McEwen + SUPERFRONT collaborators host a discussion at Van Alen Books

Van Alen Institute hosted Spotlight On: SUPERFRONT February 16, 2011 as part of a publication discussion series in the Van Alen Institute bookstore in New York City at 30 West 22nd Street.


Urban Omnibus profiles SUPERFRONT for the organization’s work in Brooklyn.

The profile from July 2011 features Studio principal Mitch McEwen and her work founding SUPERFRONT, as part of Urban Omnibus’ Act Local series.  “The collaborations, exhibitions and events it organizes plumb the depth and breadth of subject matter that experiments in architecture currently confront. And it situates each of these experiments in the cultural context of the space’s location in Bed-Stuy and in the interdisciplinary context of contemporary practice.” The full article can be found at Urban Omnibus.