A(n) Office collaborated with WorkAC on this finalist proposal for the Women’s Building in New York City.   NoVo Foundation and Goren Group launched The Women’s Building International Design Competition in January 2016 to identify an architect or team of architects, to transform the former Bayview Correctional Facility in New York City into The Women’s Building – a home for the global girls’ and women’s rights movement.

The WorkAC / A(n) Office design combines the renovation of the former jail with new construction to serve as a home for social justice leaders working to ensure that all women and girls can live free from violence, poverty, and discrimination.  The A(n) Office / WorkAC design prioritizes intersections, rather than a center.

The building’s core audience and occupants are the key users of the flexible second floor event space, (featuring a unique “W/room” – a bathroom with women’s urinals designed by Mitch McEwen and A(n) Office), along with exhibition, film screening and press room in the chapel.  A generous stair leads to the auditorium on the 3rd floor and the “pool-formance” space on the 4th floor – where the pool is reimagined by McEwen and A(n) Office as a space for radical experimentation.

The Pool – experimental performance space.

Flexible second floor event space.